Written by Epiphany K. (@epiphanysk, Midwest Nice Art Collective )

Jan-Frederic Chamier, also known as Herrzen, is a versatile artist and savant.
He was born in 1989 and grew up in Essen, Germany, where he found inspiration in the dynamic urban environment and his family’s circumstances.
The diverse architecture, industrialization, creative communities, and natural changes of his surroundings kindled his creativity. Initially, Chamier turned to painting as a form of expression, and then he ventured into contemporary street art, exploring graffiti and spray paint. His passion for art was evident as he participated in illegal group-actions during nighttime.

Chamier’s artistic practice is still influenced by his industrial environment.
His work is characterized by strong lines and shapes, sharp contrasts between colors and values, and a natural flow of creation.

After studying Electrical Engineering in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Chamier worked as a professional Software Engineer in Essen, Wuppertal, and Cologne.
However, in 2023/24 he decided to pursue art full-time.

As a self-taught artist, Chamier has developed his skills over time, through consistent practice at home. He is best known for his unique abstract acrylic paintings, which bear similarities to Clyfford Still and Cy Twombly.

He rarely plans what the painting will look like beforehand. Many of the techniques Chamier used as a child and teenager, such as painting with watercolor, spatula splatter, and spray paint graffiti art, are still evident in his abstract paintings.